Kanye has something to say.

Photography is a bad habit

…but I like Edward Snowdon’s voice.

Turfwar, turfwar, turfwar

Campaigning in the hood, training, remaining in the hood…

You were wrong.

We aren’t surfing.

We are replacing African soil with hazardous metals.

We are watching Chinese laborers jump from windows for iLife.

We are casually flying drones into families.

We are letting the people of Syria drown.

We have lost all perspective.

My room is a mess. I cannot find my priorities. We crowd sourced our ethics.

My eyes are sore from staring at the screen.

I’ll make a mask.


I want to say something.

Why did you get so many Likes on your selfie?!!

Why does this make me panic?

Who is valuable? What are we quantifying here?

Btw, this is a social hierarchy, and I thought we were trying to destroy capitalism…

Social media is a gloryhole.

Who will Lick my ego today?

You walk into the room. How do we already know each other before we ever met?

Avatars gossip about themselves.

When you exit and don’t return for six months, I don’t even notice.

That is how close we are.

Now I think about the recent release of Omar Khadr.

And how we have shared ourselves into oblivious distraction

while he lost half his life to torture.

Social media is playing us.

I care about everything.  

My status update on Facebook reads: I don’t know who any of you are.

And I really don’t.

Between a full-fledged dissociative disorder and a desire to hide this fact, the web is a playground of forgetting.

The landscape freezes like a frigid bitch.

(that’s what my boyfriend called me when I was 13)

We can overlay a field of likes, but it will not change certain facts.

context. corporation. genitals.

we are stuck in a loop.

digital fetish is our sexual context.

lies∞ < lies™

We don’t know what virginity is anyway.

Kim is jealous of her little sister.

“eat her pussy like it’s raw”

The body as landscape? Ummmm… lol.

The body is a commodity fetish.

Your blog is a recycled brand.

The whales are swimming in unknown waters. It’s bananas.

Janet Leigh doesn’t blink in Psycho.

Kim is training in the mountains to be a radical.

Merging with Kanye’s brand of vampire selfie.

Lisa Simpson is awaiting a visit from your dolphin.

Yellow is a happy colour. We can make it gay.

No one is watching.

The queen is hanging prince Harry by his ankles off her balcony.

Gaydar, they call it. I call it uncomfortable.

She can beat anything with that umbrella. She broke the Berlin wall.

1989 – she was there.

She learnt how to beat off at 14 years old.

1989 – she was there.

I can’t go out tonight

There’s a gaslight that never goes out…

The slow digital drip conceals rage

Wifi is a heartbeat. I drop it on my tongue.

I watch for it. Connection. I seek it.

Rainbows and unicorns are our guiding stars.

Your horoscope reads: infinite spinning wheels of death

A glory-hole mask will prevent the spread of disease.

Look. Look. Look.

Selfish llama, do not spit where you are not wanted.

You’re in your coffice, on a red-eye.

Stand up and stretch your back. Drink a glass of water.

Do not say anything to your digital shadow without a lawyer present.

What did Steve Jobs do to me?

We are looking at a police state.

The police state is looking at us

It’s like a Marina Abromavic spin off,

The Internet is present.